Inspiration And Its Weird Timing

I have come to realize my inspiration sometimes has a habit of coming at very odd times, I dont know if its just me or it’s pretty normal, do you experience it too? Tell me about it.

There’ve been times when I could probably be doing the dishes or just be in a position in which I dont have access to a pen and paper or even my phone, just odd times when I’m not thinking of writing anything and then my mind begins an inspiration marathon. It just keeps flowing and I’ve probably already written a thousand words mentally but then I’m unable to put it down and it just gets lost.

It really can be frustrating at times phew , sometimes I wish I could schedule it, like come at exactly 7:00.. no.. no..not 6:59, 7:00. But oh well we know that doesnt work.

But the feel of the inspiration is one of the best parts of it all, I love the feeling of when your mind stretches its branches and your third eye sees even clearer. I appreciate the feeling no doubt because I’ve experienced how it feels to be unable to find any inspiration whatsoever (you can find it in my previous blog posts – Writer’s Block ) and that was even more frustrating so I and my inspiration, we’re just going to have a one on one talk and be best of friends.

Wilfred Peculiar

With Love.


Originally posted on SEJAY: Frustrated youths show their displeasure Please lend your voice to end police brutality in my country #SARSMustEnd. Racial or not, police brutality is wrong on all shores across the world. Just like George Floyd or any other killings by the police. Those we put in charge of our safety have no…


Could We Call Love/Marriage A Makeshift Cage?

These scars remind me of you
Despite how hard I try to ignore the pain
Your not so gentle touch on my face leaving me with a black eye each morning
Friends and family with words of advice and looks of concern
“Pack up and leave before its too late” “Leave ?”
“To where? To what? To whom?”
“Who would love me at 42?”
To start with , my looks deny my age
Maybe it’s because of the pain I hold in
The sleepless night and fear of the unknown

I hold on to this love
This abstract and absent love
The love I nurture in my heart
The vow I am chained to
Ten years of dished out abuse, extra spiced dinner of regret
Low self esteem , the order of my day

You can call me a wally for love
For I have bore this pain too long
But can I continue?
Can I continue to ignore my bleeding heart
Can I continue to ignore hospital test results
Until I say my final goodbyes
Maybe he’ll change
Maybe he’ll see me different
When I’m in my furbished coffin in a pretty white gown
Maybe he’ll love me again
Then will he see me differently.

Wilfred Peculiar.

This Time Last Year..

I remember this time last year ( grateful for growth) I was in a different head space, a different state of mind . It wasn’t pleasant you can probably tell already.

2020 came with a lot of baggage we can all tell but personally?.. 2019 was a more tasking year for me, mentally, emotionally and physically. A lot happened to me, I learnt a lot, lost some things and pretty much had to grow up . But I mean I can’t complain, it said stuff happens to us so we could grow so I pretty much guess last year was my ‘test of faith’.

Last year was my first encounter with depression, I was a wreck , far from my usual self, literally couldn’t recognize my reflection in the mirror. Funniest part is I really didnt qualify my state of mind at that point in time as depressing. Although later on I became aware but it still felt all strange. I simply thought – oh I was just sad, I was just not in the mood to leave the house, I just didnt have any appetite whatsoever , I just didnt feel like talking to anyone, I mean nothing wrong with wanting to be left alone right, suicidal thoughts are just random stuff c’mon, no biggie – You wish!.

Mental health Is so important as it is fragile, take care of your mental health, pay attention to it, I had to surround myself with loved ones and understand exactly why I felt the way I did. Take care of your emotions ,they could trigger depression, guard your emotions and dont give anyone the power to break you down!.

With Love

Wilfred Peculiar

Out of Sight , Out Of Mind – Really?

This is one theory I really like, though sometimes I’ve gone against it, you know they say the less visible a person is the less you think about them, true and even sometimes advisable because not everyone is good for our headspace or mental health which we all know so its good to reduce contact then gradually try to forget about them, but what happens when you cant forget about someone even after a long period of time.

I’ve heard people say someone crosses their mind everyday ,probably someone they havent even heard from in a pretty long time, even i have been in such a situation, touchè. I just feel the mind does what it wants to when uncontrolled, being able to control the mind is key, because you could keep on thinking about someone you last saw the year before, physically you may not be in such person’s presence but mentally you’re there.

Probably the thoughts may not cross your mind every hour or even every day but before you go to bed or while working, walking on the streets, seeing something that strikes a memory or even doing something very unrelated and you just find the person crossing your mind even for a minute, definitely happens , and that’s fine but being able to control the thoughts and knowing which to discard before it begins to germinate in your mind is key . Gain control.

Wilfred Peculiar.

Sometimes Its Not Always What It Seems

This was the third time I hit my right foot against a stone, it was being to get uncomfortable as it was troubling, we all know what they say about hitting your foot against a stone, once? That’s nothing to bother about, twice? Ok , that’s unusual, thrice? Ok now you should be bothered. Haven’t you heard that basically means something bad is about to occur?. I stopped in my tracks and said a quick prayer, and continued walking, I had to walk to a bus stop , as It was pretty late and I had to head home alone, now more conscious of my environment as I still had it at the back of my mind that there was a likely possibility of something happening and I had to be cautious.

I hopped into the bus and took a seat by the window, staring out literally the whole time, until a stranger on a hoodie sat beside me, i couldn’t see his features just the black fabric covering them. I returned my attention to the window, a quick look at my wristwatch said 11:45. I had planned to resign from the bar next week as I had gotten my letter of acceptance from my preferred university, now was time to further ahead and get my life on track.

The bus came to a stop, and I hurried out, all I craved was the comfort of my bed now. Walking home alone was common practice since I began working late hours, I turned behind me and saw someone, with a hoodie walking in my trail. I turned back to minding my business thinking nothing of it, kust minutes away from home . I felt the hair at the back of my neck stand, I hugged my jacket tighter, turning back I saw the same figure now less than 10 feet away from me, directly on my path. I began to feel goosebumps and immediately quickened my steps , I was literally jogging at this point.

The streets were lonely and quiet, I heard a dog bark in the distance but I couldn’t see anyone else, my heart beat quickened thinking of what could happen and how no one would be aware, too much of crime programs you could say . I turned and saw the person behind me turning left to the next street, he had taken his hoodie off and I could see him clearly , and he wasnt actually following me , wow so much for the way I felt. I almost slapped myself in the face for letting my fear get the best of me.

I finally got into my house, taking a bottle of water from the fridge, I flopped into the couch, thinking about my earlier experience. I began laughing, it felt funny now how scared I was minutes ago, like I had expected something bad to happen, I mean from the occurrence of hitting my foot consecutively, I let superstition get the best of me, how shallow of me, my mind began expecting something to actually go wrong. Never again!. I dropped the bottle of water and headed into the shower in anticipation of a peaceful sleep.

So guys I know I said I was going to be making an occasional thread of African superstitions and myths. the last I made was the piece on the African explanation for a woman with beards, so i hope you’ll enjoy this too! Let me know your opinions .

Africa & Religion

Africa is a religious continent. If you ask me, Africans are very religious people, ranging from Christianity to Islam to the Traditional religion ( which was the first religion practiced ) before Christianity and Islam were introduced.

Religion is a strong factor ,one which holds power over the people. Once, someone likened religion to slavery but I choose to differ, I would say religion just has gained a lot of influence and permanence in the minds of people but they are still given a choice. the voice of a cleric is respected more than that of the president . The government could go all out and say on this specific day no one is allowed to leave their homes but trust me, we would ignore and pay little mind, but once the religious leader says same, everyone hides themselves indoors. Such is the power religion holds.

The BBC survey showed that most Africans place religion above other factors, like ethnicity, when distinguishing their identities. – BBC

Just like the excerpt says, religion is placed above anything and everything. This definitely has its good and bad because when religion is given so much power, a new definition of humanity could be given to you according to whatever your religious leader tells you . Back when Africans killed twins before the impact of Mary Slessor (bless her soul). The people perpetuating the killings didnt find what they did as wrong – the power of religion. It was what they had been told was right by those they held as religious leaders that it had become normal to them. And going against it had its consequences Can you blame them? You really can’t.

Religion has it’s good as it helps to keep people in check. Being able to distinguish what was good and bad and actually abiding by it. For example Christian’s believe according to the bible, stealing is a sin . and they’re reminded by their religious leaders of this every time so even when it may seem as though there’s a need to steal, a Christian would still feel reluctant to actually steal because he’s aware his religion is against it. Good right? Yes.

But how about when your supposed religious leader tells you it’s ok to actually steal, now because of such reverence given to him/her, your mind begins to have a rethink like what if actually stealing isnt such a bad thing, I mean its 2020. Tines are changing right , alright I might just go ahead and do it anyways.

Religion isn’t a bad thing , no no ,not at all. I feel it has actually impacted on people and the whole African continent, literally the whole world the right way, but being able to discern is really important, religion shouldn’t be dictatorial, it should be laid on the table with you being given the power to choose what you want to do . It’s a powerful feeling realizing you’re not alone and there’s someone, out there, watching you , and looking out for you. But remember religion remains a choice.

Peculiar Wilfred

With Love .

Even Men Cry

‘Be a man’ they tell you ‘never show weakness’. You have to have the strong persona, the buff muscles, the fearless attitude towards anything and everything. The need to impress , the need to be brave, the need to take on any challenge without showing fear or hesitation.

It definitely can be hard having to be sometimes what you’re not. People tend to forget asides being a man’s man, you’re also human, you’ve got blood in your veins, you’ve got emotions, you can experience mood swings , you can be depressed , some days you want to wake up and not have to act strong, you want to lay your head on someone’s shoulder and be told everything will be fine, you want to lay bare your weaknesses and fears and not be judged .

But the world expects different from you, there are still people who assume sensitive subjects such as depression, and even rape are for the female gender alone, yes it may seem rare to find a man going through such but not impossible. The male gender is expected to smile and act strong even in weakest moments, expected to never show emotions. You’re the one to be a pillar unto others, whereas the foundation of your pillar is shaky. This could drive one to the cliff, and then we act surprised when we hear ‘oh , he was depressed’. Gender should not be a condition when it comes to humanity.

‘Be yourself, the world will adjust’. But they still give you the disappointed look when a man tears up after a breakup or whatever. Quit suppressing your emotions. Not everyone is emotionally strong and gender certainly has nothing to do with it, men should be able to openly say they need help, or they’ve been abused in whatever form without being judged over it or laughed at or called a coward. Extend love to that/those man/men in your life and let him/them know he’s/they’re not alone. Every man has that phase in their lives in which they just want to unburden themselves of all that’s been placed on their shoulders.

Remember to spread love unto every soul you come across, it dont cost a dime.

Peculiar Wilfred

With Love


Today is my country’s independence. Happy 60th to Nigeria 🇳🇬

Mine is a country where suffering and smiling is the norm. Achieving 60 should be a great feat but there’s no joy on the face of the people. Being a young male is now a thing of fear as you’re at the verge of being extorted or killed by the same ones placed to protect us. The police is now feared more than criminals. Walking the streets or being in a car you’ve got to always look over your shoulder. 3 square meals? A feat for the rich, your taxes are not accounted for, you toil and toil but only those in power benefits.

Division amongst tribes, a country threatened by secession . Unity and oneness is literally a thing of the past. The youths aren’t even allowed a place in government. You’d think why not conduct a protest?..tell that to a Nigerian youth and you would be asked if you love your life, we all want to return home whole and alive for human life is worth almost nothing but… our leaders shall celebrate and eat from the national cake and claim the country is getting better.

More years to my country, a better educational system, a better health system, better living conditions, better accountability from our leaders, freedom and peace of mind. A better police force, a better government, peace and unity

Nigeria shall be great again. 🇳🇬

Peculiar Wilfred

With Love.

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