Could We Call Love/Marriage A Makeshift Cage?

These scars remind me of youDespite how hard I try to ignore the painYour not so gentle touch on my face leaving me with a black eye each morningFriends and family with words of advice and looks of concern“Pack up and leave before its too late” “Leave ?”“To where? To what? To whom?”“Who would loveContinue reading “Could We Call Love/Marriage A Makeshift Cage?”

The African Explanation For A Woman With A Beard

    ‘Any woman who grows a beard has a tendency to be wicked or already has wickedness in her actions’ . That’s the explanation I was given when my curiosity got the best of me in a bid to understand why women grew beards. My tender mind didn’t know better and I swallowed what IContinue reading “The African Explanation For A Woman With A Beard”

Being A Female Shouldn’t Come With Restrictions

So you tell me because I’m a woman, I’m to dress a certain way, I shouldn’t leave little to the imagination, I should not tempt the other gender for they are controlled by what they see , lest I want to be harassed, and I would be blamed for dressing provocatively, everything -below my kneeContinue reading “Being A Female Shouldn’t Come With Restrictions”

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