God – Could We Have A Conversation?

Hi guys, i haven’t been able to drop a new blog post in a while because I haven’t been in such a happy place emotionally, but I’m definitely better now and yes my blog is 4 months today, I’m elated and thanks to my 200+ followers.

So while I was away, my emotions fluctuated each day, happy this minute, down the next, at times I felt like I wasn’t at the point in my life where I’m supposed to and it kind of toyed with my feelings, at some point I tried seeking solace in someone else and it didnt end well, you can guess already but I think that kind woke me up.

I consider myself lucky for the people I have in my circle, they bring out the best in me and I was able to get over my feeling faster than I thought I would actually, I’m impressed with myself this time. I’m what you can call an emotionally weak person not because I want to be, I’m extremely sensitive and my heart is unguarded. Sometimes I wish I could speak to God physically and have an indepth conversation, lay my emotions at his feet and be soothed. Ask him questions and get answers and quit my anxiety.

Glad that I’m actually working on myself, I’ve seen some improvements and I’m glad I dont dwell on things that would break me down as much as I used to, I feel better emotionally and wouldn’t give anyone such hold over my emotions, no need seeking solace in someone else whe i can find it in myself , when I’m all I need to be happy.

I want to give my self some freedom, oh I can be so uptight, I want to spread my wings and be free, have some fun, maybe that’s what I’m missing , haha, I’ll make a more detailed blog post about this later, anyways bye for now guys .

With Love.

Peculiar Wilfred.

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22 thoughts on “God – Could We Have A Conversation?

  1. I know what it’s like to feel vulnerable because of emotions and being sensitive. It’s good to be able to understand yourself and show yourself compassion and kindness just like you would accept from God 🙏🙏

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  2. We learn by trying, we develop by living. Loving, valuing someone is not an emotional weakness. On the contrary, it shows that you are very emotionally powerful. Closing one’s heart to love and not knowing how to love is an emotional weakness.

    There is one thing here that we pay attention to and actually ignore. We neglect to love ourselves as much as we deserve. Because we don’t love ourselves enough, we are looking for that love outside. We want to see that someone loves us and cares for us.

    While we have enough hearts to give love to the whole world, we become stingy when it comes to ourselves.

    What we should never forget is that we are loved and important. When we become aware of our own worth, we will not pay attention to whether others value us. There will be no need to be loved, to be loved, to act as someone we are not, or to distance themselves from our own essence.

    Are we able to love? If yes, we must love ourselves first.

    Yes man, I was a very sensitive person too. I think I’m in a phase of transformation now. Before, I used to hurt myself so that no one would be offended. I would value others more than perhaps they deserve. I would be more sensitive, fragile and unnecessary, and too compliant to know that I have been chosen more. I would try to make everyone happy. Even if I didn’t want it out of fear of not being loved, I would be extremely giving.

    Until you run out of giving to others … Yet life is based on balance. It is the right of people to take them from others continuously. Likewise, by constantly giving it to others, we violate our own rights of servants.

    We are the person we should love and value most in this world. Now is the time to give what we deserve to ourselves, instead of waiting from others. In this case, there will be those in our lives who are constantly used to buying from us. When we realize our own worth, we will no longer need those who make us feel worthless. Their job was to help us realize that we didn’t value ourselves enough. We will no longer need them, and new people will enter our lives who accept us as we are and who know our value.

    When we begin to love ourselves, people we give unnecessary and excessive love will also disappear from our lives. People who truly love us will enter our lives.

    We will be an emotionally self-sufficient person. Maybe one day we will not feel the need for anything outside. We will not seek outside love, happiness, peace and light. The love, happiness, peace and light within us will radiate from us.

    It was almost an article comment. It would be even if I published this as an article on hang. But your article was inspiring, I wanted to share it. 😁🙏

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    1. So sorry the reply is coming late! I took a mini break from blogging , got back and I’m seeing your comment now and I feel so inspired! This is most wonderful, feels like what I needed to read at the right time, thank you so much


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