Hoping, holding onto hope, I feel that’s literally where we’re all at, hope is suddenly all we got, ending 2020 we all hoped for a better year, when life throws the worst at you all you can do is hope for the best.

But how long can that hope stand before it begins to fizzle out, like a lone candle in the dark, wax seeping out downwards until the fire breathes its last and its pitch dark- hopelessness. Being hopeful can be a struggle, you’re forced to face reality and still hold onto the string of illusion

I’ve been inconsistent with blogging for the past 3 months now and it hurts me, I begin a blog post and literally leave it in drafts for weeks before I remember it, a lot going on out of this space and I’m gonna try to not let that affect my blog, I’m really sorry for the inconsistency guys! , Also my blog turned 6 months last month but I didn’t make a blog post about it, phew! , anyways we’re turning 7months this February and I’m elated at how far I’m bringing this, I’m proud of myself

Also I’m definitely gonna do better . I’m gonna dig in deep in my pandora box of inspiration and create more quality content for you guys like I always do! .Meanwhile do not forget to be hopeful no matter what , build your hope to be as strong as a mountain. Anticipate my next blog post guys.

With Love

Peculiar Wilfred

Published by Wilfred Peculiar

Thoughts from a young mind

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