Inspiration And Its Weird Timing

I have come to realize my inspiration sometimes has a habit of coming at very odd times, I dont know if its just me or it’s pretty normal, do you experience it too? Tell me about it.

There’ve been times when I could probably be doing the dishes or just be in a position in which I dont have access to a pen and paper or even my phone, just odd times when I’m not thinking of writing anything and then my mind begins an inspiration marathon. It just keeps flowing and I’ve probably already written a thousand words mentally but then I’m unable to put it down and it just gets lost.

It really can be frustrating at times phew , sometimes I wish I could schedule it, like come at exactly 7:00.. no.. no..not 6:59, 7:00. But oh well we know that doesnt work.

But the feel of the inspiration is one of the best parts of it all, I love the feeling of when your mind stretches its branches and your third eye sees even clearer. I appreciate the feeling no doubt because I’ve experienced how it feels to be unable to find any inspiration whatsoever (you can find it in my previous blog posts – Writer’s Block ) and that was even more frustrating so I and my inspiration, we’re just going to have a one on one talk and be best of friends.

Wilfred Peculiar

With Love.

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