Some days I wish I could have a care-free day to myself, by care free I don’t mean a break from work just to lay in bed and rest , but a day without any care in the world, where in i could literally take all the risks i avoided and do what I shouldn’t be doing. Spread my wings and fly . Just a day, just 24 hours , just a taste of the unknown,

Funny how we have 24 hours in a day but most times it feels like 12, engrossed in things we wouldn’t rather be doing, we are so uptight trying to get that money and we would rather just play safe at all situations, that’s basically me – I’d play safe, rather safe than sorry they say but the thirst never gets quenched, it’s still there. They say experiences make memories and memories stick with us. I dont think I’m going to have so much memories to look back to by doing everything by the book just to play safe, not saying you should go commit a crime, no no. Do what doesn’t put anyone around you in danger, everything with moderation. Buy that house, take that trip. go to that party, give that person a chance . Close your book of do’s and don’t’s for a while

Or maybe its just me wanting to be adventurous, I’ve always been that way but I guess now it’s too loud to ignore, maybe I might just take the risk and try something new, or do what I was told not to, or walk in shoes that aren’t mine- 24 hours, call it a demo if you may or I might just stick to my routine and do what i was told to do and what’s expected of me. Either way I’m out to seek happiness and you should too.

But I do not think we can find complete happiness by following rules set by someone else, but the world right now revolves around rules, rules we must follow. And rules we must learn to derive some sort of happiness from. Gotta live with it you know. But still find that happiness, seek it out, only one life to live, how about making some memorable experiences?.

Published by Wilfred Peculiar

Thoughts from a young mind

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