Take Back Control

Honestly some people can be incredibly insensitive, I wonder how people leave your life and waltz back in like everything is alright like they never hurt you. I feel as humans we tend to misbehave while in our comfort zone, when you get so comfortable you begin to feel everything lasts forever. The sense ofContinue reading “Take Back Control”

The Next Door Neigbour

I stood at the window, my eyes searching, as though a predator preying , awaiting its victim, he usually came towards my eye’s angle at this time, why wasn’t he here yet? I had been keeping track , weeks of watching and accustoming myself to his schedule, I knew when he left his home andContinue reading “The Next Door Neigbour”

Inspiration And Its Weird Timing

I have come to realize my inspiration sometimes has a habit of coming at very odd times, I dont know if its just me or it’s pretty normal, do you experience it too? Tell me about it. There’ve been times when I could probably be doing the dishes or just be in a position inContinue reading “Inspiration And Its Weird Timing”

Could We Call Love/Marriage A Makeshift Cage?

These scars remind me of youDespite how hard I try to ignore the painYour not so gentle touch on my face leaving me with a black eye each morningFriends and family with words of advice and looks of concern“Pack up and leave before its too late” “Leave ?”“To where? To what? To whom?”“Who would loveContinue reading “Could We Call Love/Marriage A Makeshift Cage?”

Teenage Fantasy

He whispered into my ears poetic lines, reminding me how much he claimed to love me, filling my heart with affection, his hand across my waist pressing slightly, he claimed I was the one and we were going to be together forever. And he had never felt love as strong as this. I wondered ifContinue reading “Teenage Fantasy”

An Eye For An Eye

Hi guys, don’t forget to follow, click the like button and share with your friends Just one of my random stories. Hope you enjoy! He had done it again. This time harder , I had taken more than enough, was this a part of the itinerary?. I laid still on the floor, my legs tooContinue reading “An Eye For An Eye”

Being A Female Shouldn’t Come With Restrictions

So you tell me because I’m a woman, I’m to dress a certain way, I shouldn’t leave little to the imagination, I should not tempt the other gender for they are controlled by what they see , lest I want to be harassed, and I would be blamed for dressing provocatively, everything -below my kneeContinue reading “Being A Female Shouldn’t Come With Restrictions”

A Penny For My Thoughts?

Our love was like that of an unwatered plant, one left without care and nurture, one left to the scorching sun, we’d promised each other forever but as the saying goes, forever is never assured, so was our love . We were the bonnie and clyde for a minute ,the next we were strangers. ItContinue reading “A Penny For My Thoughts?”

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