Take Back Control

Honestly some people can be incredibly insensitive, I wonder how people leave your life and waltz back in like everything is alright like they never hurt you.

I feel as humans we tend to misbehave while in our comfort zone, when you get so comfortable you begin to feel everything lasts forever. The sense of entitlement and the feeling of being irreplaceable needs to be tossed into the trash, you can’t hurt someone and expect them to allow you back into their life with open arms, you should be getting a snack across the head instead.

People who intentionally hurt you and feel two words can always make things better , two words that have been over used and misused, two words that flow freely from the lips without any truth to it – I’m sorry. Just how long are we going to keep hiding under the influence of those words, your mouth says one thing but your actions say otherwise

People feel they’re exceedingly important and needed that they try to put you in such positions that you literally beg for their presence, I feel it sort of fuels their ego and leaves you feeling stupid. Never ever beg for someone’s attention or presence, it weakens your esteem . Let them realize just how precious your energy is/was. They’ll always come running back . If only we had the power in our hands to have things go the way we would want them to. Yes, you can say if wishes were horses – maybe then we won’t have to deal with rejection, depression or a lack of self esteem . But dont give somebody else the power to control your emotions or have a say over your mental health. Take back control

With Love.

Published by Wilfred Peculiar

Thoughts from a young mind

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