It was about time, i thought to myself as I dropped my last bag, I revelled in my accomplishment, the new home I just acquired, just something small. It was time I began taking responsibility and standing on my feet, and this was the first step in that direction. I had left his home, more like ran for my life, John and I were like fire and gas- toxic, and I was done with the abuse and Ill treatment, I guess that’s what you get when you forfeit your whole life for a man, oh well..

To think of leaving was hard, leaving was even harder, I had to sneak out my clothes little by little over a spasm of 3 weeks so as not to alarm him , and while he laid beside me, his arm across my body, making sure I was always by his side, I took my last set of clothes and snuk out in the middle of the night. The next morning my phone was riddled with calls , texts- threats , apologies then more threats . All from him warning me to return to him.

The first night alone , I barely slept, not because I was lonely but the fear in my heart couldn’t let me close my eyes for even a second, it felt as though, he had found me and he was gonna come hurt me, every creak made me nervous .I kept a bread knife beside my bed, easily within my reach. With him , I feared him, now without him it seemed I feared him more.

Its been three months now, I began arranging the bags , I had been furnishing and trying to make my new home come more alive, it felt really good. I picked up the groceries bag and dropped it on the kitchen counter ready to unpack when my eyes saw an envelope, right on the kitchen counter, my first instinct was fear, I picked up a knife, ran to my door, it was intact , no sign of forced entry. At this point I could literally hear my racing heart beats. I walked towards the note, but I couldn’t touch it, I was too scared to , I knew without any doubt who it was from. But how did he find me? I ignored all his incessant texts, and emails, every single day he would send me threats or apologies or pleas and I’d make sure to trash the message.

The knife clattering on the floor brought me back to reality and I realized my hands were shaking involuntary, even in his absence I felt unsafe, picking up the envelope slowly, I opened the note..

“White drapes?

You can do better

And always make your bed before leaving “

So hey there guys, this is gonna be like a mini story but its gonna come in parts, so this is the first part, sit tight and anticipate the next part (continuation) . Finally a series , been wanting to do this, so let me know what you think in the comment section guys 😁

Published by Wilfred Peculiar

Thoughts from a young mind

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