Teenage Fantasy

He whispered into my ears poetic lines, reminding me how much he claimed to love me, filling my heart with affection, his hand across my waist pressing slightly, he claimed I was the one and we were going to be together forever. And he had never felt love as strong as this. I wondered ifContinue reading “Teenage Fantasy”

The African Explanation For A Woman With A Beard

    ‘Any woman who grows a beard has a tendency to be wicked or already has wickedness in her actions’ . That’s the explanation I was given when my curiosity got the best of me in a bid to understand why women grew beards. My tender mind didn’t know better and I swallowed what IContinue reading “The African Explanation For A Woman With A Beard”

Why Not Walk In Your Own Shoe

So growing up, my sister was used as a reference to literally everything I did or said, my mother was quick to compare me to my sister and of course she would have to be better or would have done it better, ranging from education to personality, manners, literally everything. My sister is a greatContinue reading “Why Not Walk In Your Own Shoe”

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