Being A Female Shouldn’t Come With Restrictions

So you tell me because I’m a woman, I’m to dress a certain way, I shouldn’t leave little to the imagination, I should not tempt the other gender for they are controlled by what they see , lest I want to be harassed, and I would be blamed for dressing provocatively, everything -below my knee or I would be branded a whore , seems what I wear has become an invitation to be touched inappropriately or slandered.

So you tell me because I’m a woman, I’m to keep myself till marriage, you tell me virginity is my pride, you tell me I lose worth once defiled, I’m looked upon as promiscuous, you claim my husband would value me more if I was presented to him as pure. You tell me these but you do not tell same to your sons. The other gender is allowed to boast about his sexual prowess and number of females he has laid with but when I do the same, I’m met with stabbing stares and called – loose.

So you tell me because I’m a woman, my husband has the right to hit me, I’m to never talk back, never give out my opinion, never say no when he asks for my body, you tell me my place is at home, I shouldn’t dream big, a career wont make me a good wife nor a good mother, I’m to serve him, my job is to make babies, make him happy always , even at my expense, everything I do , I do for him.

But you forget to tell me because I’m a woman, I’m different, I’m unique, I’m versatile, you forget to tell me my worth cannot be gauged, I am allowed to dream as big as I want for I can be whatever I want to be. You forget to tell me me I am as important to my husband as he is to me, you forget to tell me what I put on doesn’t define me, neither does it give anyone the right to disrespect me. I am extraordinary, I birth life, I am no less important. My value is unmatched. Now I know.

Do not lower your worth.

With love.

I Do

Hi guys! Welcome again . It’s always a pleasure to have you here

Over the weekend my sister got married, oh! It was a wonderful occasion / experience. It was my first time being so involved in someone’s wedding as I’m not married myself but I found myself wanting to know how everything would go.

I remember being so happy the morning of the wedding you would think I was the bride, but then I thought , how would the bride herself be feeling, the joy would definitely be immeasurable. I’ve always heard of wedding jitters and all , I wondered if she was probably experiencing that or she was doing ok.

So when we got to the church and I saw her in that amazing white dress which was picked in my presence but trust me there was a difference when I saw it on her and in all its glory , my cheeks hurt from all the smiling I unconsciously did. Love is a beautiful thing, we can all agree yeah? But with your perfect match , with the right person I suppose that’s pure bliss.

So they said their ‘I do’s,’ and when the ceremony was over and it was time to head back home, I had a whoosh of sadness for a moment because it felt like it finally dawned on me my sister was officially a married woman and now had a family of her own, not like I wasnt going to matter anymore but now she was somebody’s wife before she was my sister. Oh! I wanted her back to me but she had moved to the next level of her life and so would I too someday. We can’t always have someone to ourselves, I learnt a time will come we’ll have to share and now is my time.

Being married to the one you love is a wonderful feeling and something we all want to experience.

Lest I forget, a happy married life again to my sister .

With love.

A Penny For My Thoughts?

Our love was like that of an unwatered plant, one left without care and nurture, one left to the scorching sun, we’d promised each other forever but as the saying goes, forever is never assured, so was our love . We were the bonnie and clyde for a minute ,the next we were strangers. It seemed it was never meant to be

There was a pull in my heart to want to give in but would it be worth my time? . I would liken myself to a band , I can only stretch to a point before I break, then I snap. But this?, this , indeed I have stretched beyond my limit. I got too much love to give but I’d rather keep than dispense into the wrong soul

Just my one penny thoughts

With Love .

Short Skirts?

It was a bright morning when I hopped into my waiting ride, which was to take from one side of my city to the other. The day was bound to go well. My tummy was churning , yikes! I hadn’t had breakfast, and I had had little to eat for dinner last night. My driver and I exchanged our pleasant greetings and we were on our way.

A conversation ensued, my driver began telling me about a ride from yesterday and all that took place, I was in my thoughts but I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt that I was indeed paying attention, apparently the story was about a lady he drove whom he tagged ‘a call girl’ because of how she was dressed . That quipped my attention and I decided to listen to the story he was eager to share. Apparently the supposed lady was said to have driven to the airport with plans of travelling to a different state to go meet a certain man and that supposedly made her a call girl in the eyes of my driver.

The conversation kept going on and all I could do was reply with ‘hmm’ to everything he said as I wondered how in this time and age a man still comfortably believes any lady in a short skirt , or any lady who lives on her own (as he made mention of her living alone on the richer side of town so as to get bigger fishes) does that through the support of a man or probably has to make her body her office .

After I was done with the ride and had gotten to my destination, on the comfort of my bed I began to think about all that had happened earlier and I felt I had betrayed my gender as I didn’t try to defend the lady in question neither did I try to correct the impression he had of ladies , I just sat down and listened not remembering in a different situation i could be the one in the shoes of these ladies being referred to as call girls, But then again I thought what would my words have changed? Even if I tried to school him, it was evident the impression he had was deep rooted and my words would have fallen on deaf ears.

But if I find myself in such a situation again, I will not be quiet, I will not act naive, and even if my words make no difference initially, at least I’ll know I did speak up. No one should be shamed for what they wear or how they look, we all have a right to do with our life what we want to without having to bother about people’s misconception. Spread love not judgments .

Let me know your opinions in the comments below.

With love.

Hello there!

Hello! You’re indeed welcome and oh.. lest I forget Cheers! I finally took the big step to open my blog and share my ‘my one penny wisdom’ with all of you . This is a project I’ve been procrastinating for a long time, but here we are!.

I’m a young female, a writer , and well, this blog is a platform for me to drop my two cents on whatever I lay my hands on , I haven’t had much experience , do not be deceived my friend , but I’m going to be sharing my thoughts and opinions on topics affecting my peers , lifestyle, and issues surrounding us all.

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