Originally posted on SEJAY: Frustrated youths show their displeasure Please lend your voice to end police brutality in my country #SARSMustEnd. Racial or not, police brutality is wrong on all shores across the world. Just like George Floyd or any other killings by the police. Those we put in charge of our safety have no…


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3 thoughts on “#EndSARS

  1. You can’t beat away anger with a stick.
    You can’t make someone’s pain irrelevant
    by being condescending to it.
    You can’t stop an avalanche
    by moving out of the danger zone
    and ignoring those you left behind.

    You can’t do these things
    and think people drenched in truth
    will continue to buy into the lie of it.

    Or perhaps you think you can.

    It’s such an old story now,
    played out in so many countries,
    in so many textures…
    on the canvas
    of so many people’s lives.

    are not what you fill your brush with
    when painting over the cracks
    and the pain
    and the bloodstains.

    are what tell you it’s been raining,
    caress your eyes
    with the truth of those storms you’ve walked through
    leave you to deal with the truth of clouds.

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      1. I really wanted to write something just for this post. So much came together when I did, I ended up posting it on mine too.

        I think so many things are connecting and feeding each other right now… so many issues and attitudes reflected across continents in so many ways.

        The SARS protests bring a lot of things together.

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