This Time Last Year..

I remember this time last year ( grateful for growth) I was in a different head space, a different state of mind . It wasn’t pleasant you can probably tell already.

2020 came with a lot of baggage we can all tell but personally?.. 2019 was a more tasking year for me, mentally, emotionally and physically. A lot happened to me, I learnt a lot, lost some things and pretty much had to grow up . But I mean I can’t complain, it said stuff happens to us so we could grow so I pretty much guess last year was my ‘test of faith’.

Last year was my first encounter with depression, I was a wreck , far from my usual self, literally couldn’t recognize my reflection in the mirror. Funniest part is I really didnt qualify my state of mind at that point in time as depressing. Although later on I became aware but it still felt all strange. I simply thought – oh I was just sad, I was just not in the mood to leave the house, I just didnt have any appetite whatsoever , I just didnt feel like talking to anyone, I mean nothing wrong with wanting to be left alone right, suicidal thoughts are just random stuff c’mon, no biggie – You wish!.

Mental health Is so important as it is fragile, take care of your mental health, pay attention to it, I had to surround myself with loved ones and understand exactly why I felt the way I did. Take care of your emotions ,they could trigger depression, guard your emotions and dont give anyone the power to break you down!.

With Love

Wilfred Peculiar

Published by Wilfred Peculiar

Thoughts from a young mind

7 thoughts on “This Time Last Year..

    1. Very thought provoking, it sort of gives one a reason to reflect, this past year for me has been quite trying in every ramification but being able to pick out a lesson or two is what I’m grateful for nonetheless

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  1. Saw your “like” on ” Who do you admire?”
    Am a retired psychologist, so please put my following sentence in that context: depression often runs in families. Not because it is inherited, but our ways of reacting are “learned.” We copy our parent’s behavior. Now, as a person, my mother was depressed, so in my teens I “became” depressed. God however, in his love, had given me music, and music was the way I conquered sadness. Have not been depressed ever since, because I also know professionally how to fight it. “Do one good thing for yourself today.” Do this DAILY!
    My easy (but still hard) recipe to overcome it..

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