Could We Call Love/Marriage A Makeshift Cage?

These scars remind me of you
Despite how hard I try to ignore the pain
Your not so gentle touch on my face leaving me with a black eye each morning
Friends and family with words of advice and looks of concern
“Pack up and leave before its too late” “Leave ?”
“To where? To what? To whom?”
“Who would love me at 42?”
To start with , my looks deny my age
Maybe it’s because of the pain I hold in
The sleepless night and fear of the unknown

I hold on to this love
This abstract and absent love
The love I nurture in my heart
The vow I am chained to
Ten years of dished out abuse, extra spiced dinner of regret
Low self esteem , the order of my day

You can call me a wally for love
For I have bore this pain too long
But can I continue?
Can I continue to ignore my bleeding heart
Can I continue to ignore hospital test results
Until I say my final goodbyes
Maybe he’ll change
Maybe he’ll see me different
When I’m in my furbished coffin in a pretty white gown
Maybe he’ll love me again
Then will he see me differently.

Wilfred Peculiar.

Published by Wilfred Peculiar

Thoughts from a young mind

4 thoughts on “Could We Call Love/Marriage A Makeshift Cage?

  1. Unfortunately just as many men become trapped in a loveless marriage whose partner abuses them. The difference here in America is that women can walk away scot free while the man, should he decide to leave his abusive partner, is on the hook for child support, faces mandatory arrest when falsely accused of domestic violence and takes the risk of losing access to his children.

    Indeed domestic violence is a two way street. About those girls kidnapped by Boko Haram to be sold into slavery. Don’t forget about the boys left behind because they were murdered during the attack and/or forced to become boy soldiers about whose fate the media remains silent. Don’t forget to shed a tear or two for them too.

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    1. How sad! Truly every gender is at risk should a marriage fail. Here in Africa a woman leaving her marriage is seen as a sacrilege , all thoughts go to her seen as the bad one, as the reason for the failed marriage, as the one with a failure tag without any due investigation which is the reason behind this post. But yes about the Chibok girls , I have to agree the boys were kind of overlooked


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