Out of Sight , Out Of Mind – Really?

This is one theory I really like, though sometimes I’ve gone against it, you know they say the less visible a person is the less you think about them, true and even sometimes advisable because not everyone is good for our headspace or mental health which we all know so its good to reduce contact then gradually try to forget about them, but what happens when you cant forget about someone even after a long period of time.

I’ve heard people say someone crosses their mind everyday ,probably someone they havent even heard from in a pretty long time, even i have been in such a situation, touchè. I just feel the mind does what it wants to when uncontrolled, being able to control the mind is key, because you could keep on thinking about someone you last saw the year before, physically you may not be in such person’s presence but mentally you’re there.

Probably the thoughts may not cross your mind every hour or even every day but before you go to bed or while working, walking on the streets, seeing something that strikes a memory or even doing something very unrelated and you just find the person crossing your mind even for a minute, definitely happens , and that’s fine but being able to control the thoughts and knowing which to discard before it begins to germinate in your mind is key . Gain control.

Wilfred Peculiar.

Published by Wilfred Peculiar

Thoughts from a young mind

6 thoughts on “Out of Sight , Out Of Mind – Really?

    1. Okay in my own thoughts, you could find that you really want to take control of , name it , you know it’s more than just wishing, you begin to actually work towards it, meditate on things that empower the mind and be strong willed and purposeful about it


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