Sometimes Its Not Always What It Seems

This was the third time I hit my right foot against a stone, it was being to get uncomfortable as it was troubling, we all know what they say about hitting your foot against a stone, once? That’s nothing to bother about, twice? Ok , that’s unusual, thrice? Ok now you should be bothered. Haven’t you heard that basically means something bad is about to occur?. I stopped in my tracks and said a quick prayer, and continued walking, I had to walk to a bus stop , as It was pretty late and I had to head home alone, now more conscious of my environment as I still had it at the back of my mind that there was a likely possibility of something happening and I had to be cautious.

I hopped into the bus and took a seat by the window, staring out literally the whole time, until a stranger on a hoodie sat beside me, i couldn’t see his features just the black fabric covering them. I returned my attention to the window, a quick look at my wristwatch said 11:45. I had planned to resign from the bar next week as I had gotten my letter of acceptance from my preferred university, now was time to further ahead and get my life on track.

The bus came to a stop, and I hurried out, all I craved was the comfort of my bed now. Walking home alone was common practice since I began working late hours, I turned behind me and saw someone, with a hoodie walking in my trail. I turned back to minding my business thinking nothing of it, kust minutes away from home . I felt the hair at the back of my neck stand, I hugged my jacket tighter, turning back I saw the same figure now less than 10 feet away from me, directly on my path. I began to feel goosebumps and immediately quickened my steps , I was literally jogging at this point.

The streets were lonely and quiet, I heard a dog bark in the distance but I couldn’t see anyone else, my heart beat quickened thinking of what could happen and how no one would be aware, too much of crime programs you could say . I turned and saw the person behind me turning left to the next street, he had taken his hoodie off and I could see him clearly , and he wasnt actually following me , wow so much for the way I felt. I almost slapped myself in the face for letting my fear get the best of me.

I finally got into my house, taking a bottle of water from the fridge, I flopped into the couch, thinking about my earlier experience. I began laughing, it felt funny now how scared I was minutes ago, like I had expected something bad to happen, I mean from the occurrence of hitting my foot consecutively, I let superstition get the best of me, how shallow of me, my mind began expecting something to actually go wrong. Never again!. I dropped the bottle of water and headed into the shower in anticipation of a peaceful sleep.

So guys I know I said I was going to be making an occasional thread of African superstitions and myths. the last I made was the piece on the African explanation for a woman with beards, so i hope you’ll enjoy this too! Let me know your opinions .

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