Africa & Religion

Africa is a religious continent. If you ask me, Africans are very religious people, ranging from Christianity to Islam to the Traditional religion ( which was the first religion practiced ) before Christianity and Islam were introduced.

Religion is a strong factor ,one which holds power over the people. Once, someone likened religion to slavery but I choose to differ, I would say religion just has gained a lot of influence and permanence in the minds of people but they are still given a choice. the voice of a cleric is respected more than that of the president . The government could go all out and say on this specific day no one is allowed to leave their homes but trust me, we would ignore and pay little mind, but once the religious leader says same, everyone hides themselves indoors. Such is the power religion holds.

The BBC survey showed that most Africans place religion above other factors, like ethnicity, when distinguishing their identities. – BBC

Just like the excerpt says, religion is placed above anything and everything. This definitely has its good and bad because when religion is given so much power, a new definition of humanity could be given to you according to whatever your religious leader tells you . Back when Africans killed twins before the impact of Mary Slessor (bless her soul). The people perpetuating the killings didnt find what they did as wrong – the power of religion. It was what they had been told was right by those they held as religious leaders that it had become normal to them. And going against it had its consequences Can you blame them? You really can’t.

Religion has it’s good as it helps to keep people in check. Being able to distinguish what was good and bad and actually abiding by it. For example Christian’s believe according to the bible, stealing is a sin . and they’re reminded by their religious leaders of this every time so even when it may seem as though there’s a need to steal, a Christian would still feel reluctant to actually steal because he’s aware his religion is against it. Good right? Yes.

But how about when your supposed religious leader tells you it’s ok to actually steal, now because of such reverence given to him/her, your mind begins to have a rethink like what if actually stealing isnt such a bad thing, I mean its 2020. Tines are changing right , alright I might just go ahead and do it anyways.

Religion isn’t a bad thing , no no ,not at all. I feel it has actually impacted on people and the whole African continent, literally the whole world the right way, but being able to discern is really important, religion shouldn’t be dictatorial, it should be laid on the table with you being given the power to choose what you want to do . It’s a powerful feeling realizing you’re not alone and there’s someone, out there, watching you , and looking out for you. But remember religion remains a choice.

Peculiar Wilfred

With Love .

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