She knew, the moment she said ‘yes’ and he slipped the ring on her finger she had to tell him the truth, maybe he wouldn’t react as angrily as she had imagined, moreover he claimed to love her, he had sworn to go the greatest lengths for her.
Two weeks gone past, and she stood before her full length mirror, taking in her reflection and she couldn’t escape the bulge, a faint one, maybe would even go unnoticed by others, but her subconscious could feel the little kicks in her tummy when it was clearly impossible for there to be any, was this love she felt?.

It was a meeting, just a dinner with an old friend gone wrong, Ha!, who was she kidding? , it was plain cheating, she going back to her past ,something she had always bragged about never doing but what happens when the past comes to you?, when the one thing you’d been staying away from comes knocking at your doorstep?, how far can you run?, she was planning marriage with a man while bearing the child of another. How epic, it seemed life was playing a sick joke on her, all sorts of concussion yet she was still with a child, she thought about taking the risk and telling her fiancé, if he really loved her as he claimed he would accept her and whatever baggage she came with or so she thought.

She knew she had to make a decision and quick because her state was going to become obvious to all soon, she had called her ex telling him she was pregnant but rather got the shock of her life when he blatantly told her to get rid of it, such guts! Sounded like he was talking about discarding a piece of furniture, his child, her child was much more than that, was this love she felt?.
No need of her trying to live with a lie, her fiancé was no dummy ,as all the times they’d mated, protection was involved, she turned her back on the mirror and decided within her , she was going to tell him, whatever the consequences may be.

‘Babe, I’m sorry’, she said for the hundredth time, knees bended and pleading, she sought her fiancé’s forgiveness but he had his back turned on her, he was beyond upset, but she continued to plead her cause, she didn’t want to lose the good man she had had in her life for years, he had never cheated, and now it felt like she was the devil, cheating was one thing but she being pregnant, she knew she had hurt him immensely .
‘Babe , I’m sorry, I really am, it was all a stupid mistake’ . This caused him to turn violenty, she twitched.
‘A mistake, you slept with another man and got pregnant for him and you call that a mistake, what bloody mistake!’, he scolded her, ‘you’ve been lying to me, for how long?’ She could see the pain in his eyes, it burned her flesh like lava.

‘How dare you accept my proposal with another man’s child in you?, how bold of you, you spit in my face, you disgust me, I must say’ with that he walked out.
She remained on the floor, the tears flowing carelessly, her heart was smashed , she could see her future and plans for a happy home walk out with him, she knew she had lost a diamond in the rough, never had she seen him as angry as he was in the five years she had known him, her engagement was broken , she didn’t need a soothsayer to tell her that, she braced herself, took off the diamond encrusted ring that has sat pretty on her slender finger , placed it on the table and found her way out of his house and his life for this was her cross to bear alone.

Wilfred Peculiar.

With Love.

Published by Wilfred Peculiar

Thoughts from a young mind

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