An Eye For An Eye

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Just one of my random stories. Hope you enjoy!

He had done it again. This time harder , I had taken more than enough, was this a part of the itinerary?. I laid still on the floor, my legs too weak to support my weight, the pain my body felt was indescribable but it was nothing compared to how I felt on the inside, my heart was crushed, my soul trampled upon

I had been told I was special growing up, I was told I was worthy but now, all that mattered was what he thought of me and I knew my place, i was less than unworthy, i was nothing
A slave to this thing called marriage, ’till death do us part’ I had happily vowed, right now I ponder on the words I had said on the spur of the moment, how else was best to leave this man I had called my husband who had treated me like I was no less a help.
3 months into, I had begun to notice changes in the man I had married, Verbally, emotionally, then physically, the abuse was unending.

As a lady my mother had advised to go into marriage with a thick skin as men would always be men neither was I allowed to leave my marriage but this thick skin had worn off and I was left vulnerable, naked and defenseless
Odd thoughts had been flooding my mind , the type to make one cringe when heard of, I wanted to regurgitate all he had done to me, no one had to know, I was the victim, nothing had to change, ’till death do us part’, one of us had to die, hasn’t it always been said tough times called for tough decisions. I could feel it in my fractured bones, I could smell it through the bloodly breath I took, My freedom.

Stop Domestic Violence

Wilfred Peculiar.

With Love.

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