I Do

Hi guys! Welcome again . It’s always a pleasure to have you here

Over the weekend my sister got married, oh! It was a wonderful occasion / experience. It was my first time being so involved in someone’s wedding as I’m not married myself but I found myself wanting to know how everything would go.

I remember being so happy the morning of the wedding you would think I was the bride, but then I thought , how would the bride herself be feeling, the joy would definitely be immeasurable. I’ve always heard of wedding jitters and all , I wondered if she was probably experiencing that or she was doing ok.

So when we got to the church and I saw her in that amazing white dress which was picked in my presence but trust me there was a difference when I saw it on her and in all its glory , my cheeks hurt from all the smiling I unconsciously did. Love is a beautiful thing, we can all agree yeah? But with your perfect match , with the right person I suppose that’s pure bliss.

So they said their ‘I do’s,’ and when the ceremony was over and it was time to head back home, I had a whoosh of sadness for a moment because it felt like it finally dawned on me my sister was officially a married woman and now had a family of her own, not like I wasnt going to matter anymore but now she was somebody’s wife before she was my sister. Oh! I wanted her back to me but she had moved to the next level of her life and so would I too someday. We can’t always have someone to ourselves, I learnt a time will come we’ll have to share and now is my time.

Being married to the one you love is a wonderful feeling and something we all want to experience.

Lest I forget, a happy married life again to my sister .

With love.

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